1st Birthday Celebrations

Trying to plan a one year olds birthday party with no refined sugar was no mean feat. The basic snacks were easy, some trays of food and a couple of the ridiculously messy carrot puffs and the kids would be happy. Now it was the cake that would prove more of a challenge.

Trying to find a sugar free cake recipe was, I found, impossible, but I did find something pretty close. Once I had chosen the recipe I thought it would be plain sailing, but nope, do you know how hard it is to buy sugar free apple sauce. I’ll tell you, very. So, as the earth mother I was attempting to be I set about making my own apple sauce. I don’t want to overplay the amount of effort I put in at this point, it was basically stewed apples pureed down.

The baking of the cake proved to be quite simple, making it look pretty not so much. I fear Oliver will require some form of counselling when he realises the attempt I made a giving him at healthy birthday cake.

I will say that the kids did seem to enjoy it and so did some of the adults, but I suppose the kids didn’t know any better and the adults were drinking mimosas.

I now realise that life is too short to worry about a one off birthday treat and I can happily report that I threw caution to the wind for his second birthday and baked a tasty, sugary and altogether more attractive birthday cake. Birthdays are for celebrating after all, at least they are when you are two.

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