Always room for yoghurt

As you have probably realised from the title of the blog my son Oliver loves food. There are days when he will happily eat and eat all day, no matter what is put in front of him. On a recent family day out he even resorted to picking and eating his own blackberries, I guess you never know where your next meal is coming from.

Like any toddler there are days when dinner time proves to be a little more challenging. The meal you served last week is met with an ‘I don’t like it’, ( I should never have encouraged the talking), or the need for him to transfer everything on his plate in to his cup of milk.

I have 2 different approaches in these situations: –

  1. I revert to being a child myself and end up in an unwinnable argument with a 2 year old. This approach always ends up the food in the bin.
  2. I calmly say ‘ok’ and take the plate away. This method more often than not ends with Oliver deciding he does want it and devouring the lot.  I learnt this the hard way when I actually binned the food and had to deal with a full blown toddler tantrum as he had ‘really wanted that pasta’.

What never fails to amaze me is no matter what or how much (or little) Oliver has eaten he always has room for a yoghurt. I swear he could eat a seven course meal and still eat a yoghurt, or 4 if I let him. And he isn’t loyal it could be natural, Greek, fruit, absolutely anything goes. I have even tried to give him ice cream instead, but what can I say, the boy loves a yoghurt.


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