Cake Mixup

After reliving Oliver’s healthy birthday cake I decided to do some Saturday morning baking with him. On a whim while food shopping I had picked up one of those cupcake mixes I remember making as a kid. A box of sugary treats with edible paper.

When I got it home I was delighted the box said 60% less sugar, I hadn’t been looking for a low sugar option, and I was sure it wouldn’t make that much difference in taste. How wrong I was.

I set up Oliver’s cooking step and set out everything we needed to complete the mix and we set about making our cakes. We had a brief intermission when Oliver complained the electric whisk was too loud and I had to locate his ear defenders. Once located the batter mixing resumed. Alarm bells initially started ringing when I dipped my finger in the mix for the obligatory sample and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I convinced myself that the taste would improve during the baking, again I was wrong. To be honest Oliver was loving them, but then he doesn’t have as much cake experience as me.

Surely the butter icing and edible sugar paper toppers would rescue the situation. As I read the icing instructions I realised that even the toppers weren’t edible. I do wonder how many kids and parents have chewed their way through these papery, tasteless delights.

I won’t name the brand we made, I should have read the box before chucking it in my trolley and I’m sure some of the cake kits available are exactly as they were when I was a child, but from now on it is bake from scratch cupcakes for me and Oliver.

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