First time for everything

This was a weekend of firsts for Oliver. I love seeing him undertake new challenges and watching his face as he experience new things.

We started Saturday with a trip to Rugby Tots, a rugby skills class for toddlers. I was apprehensive about how he would get on (he doesn’t have a good track record with organised activities), but we need not have worried, he loved it. The coach, Tammy, was amazing, she was so patient and Oliver approached each new task with real enthusiasm, me and his Dad were very proud. As well as Oliver having a great time, Rugby Tots has a benefit for adults too, he was shattered and had an amazing nap.

Saturday afternoon was wet and windy, so we decided to baton down the hatches and watch a movie. What do you need when watching a movie? Popcorn of course. I have great memories of making popcorn when I was a little girl and have been desperate to show Oliver how it is done. When my husband and I first got together I can remember making some popcorn from scratch and him getting quite excited (he’ll not thank me for this story), he had only ever had the microwave kind. As I expected Oliver was amazed at the popcorn popping process and for the first time ever he sat through a whole movie, popcorn on lap.

I am always looking for ways to improve Oliver’s independence (or maybe just look for ways he can help me out) and this weekend I introduced him to the toaster. He was given the task of making the toast. With his kitchen step he proudly put the bread in the toaster, pushed down the button and stood patiently waiting for the toast to pop up. I will say I was  very close at all times and I’m a long way from breakfast in bed, but it is a start.

One downside of this new found independence is he now expects to do it all the time and unfortunately, as good a parent as I like to think I am, my patience does not always allow for it.

Today we decided to make pancakes, another first for Oliver. I used the recipe from my Gran’s old recipe book, they have more sugar than is good for anyone, but are delicious. Oliver loved mixing all the ingredients and enjoyed pretending to help as I cooked them in the pan. I let him eat a little bit of one, but as I cherish my sleep I have hidden them away for another time.

I have loved this weekend of firsts and I can safely say Oliver has had a pretty good time too. I intend to make an effort to fill his weekends with firsts and can’t wait to share each and every experience with him.

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