Food to ‘Go’

I’m going to start by apologising for what you may find a misleading title. This blog is not about takeaway food or beautifully packed toddler snacks, but instead it is about the food we (or me anyway) ply our children with to help them ‘go’.

Before becoming a parent I was totally unaware what a huge part of my life bowel movements would become. Soon our household discussions revolved around it. Has he pooped, if so, what colour, size, texture was it. I’m not sure why we do it, but I’m pretty sure we are not alone.

As a baby Oliver was very regular, so if he didn’t go for more than a day the panic would set in. That was until we discovered Prunes, prunes, prunes, by Ella’s Kitchen. Half a pouch of that stuff, problem solved. It became a cupboard staple. I must highlight I was never brave enough to administer the whole pouch.

And so it was this week as we are in the throws of potty training that I found myself reaching for the prune pouches again. Potty training has caused Oliver to have a permanent clench and refusing to poop. At the final moment I decided prunes in a pouch might just be too potent. Remember the only thing between Oliver and the carpet were a couple of thin layers of cloth, with no nappy as back up.

My good friend, Anna, stepped in just in the nick of time and suggested dried apricots. She kindly presented Oliver with a bag on our regular Wednesday catch up. A handful of the apricots and a couple of hours later and normal movement had resumed, albeit in his pants not the toilet, but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere.

And so the potty training continues, there are small victories everyday, probably over celebrated with treats and presents, but it is all worth it with the thought of never having to change a prunes, prunes, prunes nappy ever again.

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