Happy New Year

A bit late I know, but Happy New Year to you all. It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I am actually pleased to be returning to a bit of normality (whatever that its) for myself, hubby and Oliver.

The festivities saw all food rules thrown out the window, so the new year is going to see big changes in our household. Back to routine and healthy (kind of) eating and exercise (mainly me, not Oliver). My new year resolutions are:

  1. To get Oliver more involved in cooking and general chores.
  2. To spend more time outside as a family.

The first one I have really let slip on the run up to the holidays, as it is so easy to get caught up with time constraints and just way quicker to do things yourself, not to mention how it can also help to avoid conflict.

More and more in the kitchen Oliver is asking to get out his step and help, so I am determined to let him help as much as is viable. This should be helped by another aim of mine, to eat together more as a family.

On Friday night my hubby and I sat down and planned our weekly dinners and did an online shop (so much easier than taking a 3 year old to the supermarket). So, this week will hopefully see Oliver act as my sous chef on a nightly basis.


Very careful chopping

Started the week with a basic dinner of chicken, carrots and potatoes. As promised Oliver was up on his step helping out as much as he could (or as much as I was willing to let him. His first duty was peeling the carrots. I held the carrot as he used the peeler. Patience was key at this point, this is by no means a quick task, but seeing him happy doing it was totally worth it. I did stop him at one carrot ( I didn’t have all night). He then helped out with chopping the potatoes. I say helped as I’m not to keen on letting him loose with a sharp knife just yet. His final task (and strangely his favourite) was transferring the veg to the pots.

After all his efforts he devoured every bit of his dinner, continually informing his Dad how he had made the carrots.


Tonight it was herby pork meatballs courtesy of Rachel Allen. These are my favourite and Oliver loved making them. He just loved adding the ingredients and ‘smooshing’ them together to make his very own meatballs. This enjoyment again led to him clearing his plate.


As usual due to unforeseen activities (I was back at the gym) and Oliver’s ever increasingly busy schedule ( this week he started Little Tiger Cubs, Tae Kwon Do for beginners), my plans fell by the wayside. Dinner had to be a rushed affair which meant no Oliver involvement. It was becoming very apparent that my ideal of Oliver helping out in the kitchen every night was not entirely realistic.

As for my resolution to spend more time outdoors as a family, that has been a great success. Despite the horrendous weather we managed to venture out Saturday and Sunday. A brisk bike ride in the wind and rain on Saturday and a lovely family walk today, the sun even made a brief appearance.

So next week we will strive to do more of the same. Family outings and home cooking is the family plan for 2019.

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