Healthy Halloween

As an adult I absolutely love Halloween, maybe even more than I did as a child. I love the pumpkin carving, the dressing up and of course the abundance of sugary treats. As a parent of a 2 year old, only two of these things fill me with joy and it is definitely not the sugary treats.

Now, I completely understand that come the 31st of October all bets are off, especially as he gets older and more aware of what is going on, but this year, as much as I can I am going to try and keep it a little less sugary.

So I have scoured Pinterest for healthy Halloween treats and there are plenty to be found, from intricately carved apples made to look like fangs to simpler chocolate dipped strawberries meant to resemble ghosts. As enthusiastic as I usually am when it comes to creating healthy treats for Oliver, I am the first to admit this year I have slacked a little (well maybe a lot). As you can see from the pictures not a lot of time was spent producing this years Halloween treats. I have to say though, I think they are pretty good for the lack of time spent on them. Oliver was also able to recognise them as pumpkins and ghosts, so wasn’t a total waste of time. He was also happy to scoff the lot due to his current fruit addiction.

I did buy some sweets just in case we get some trick or treater’s at the door, but unfortunately due to mine and my hubby’s sweet addiction I will have to buy some more before the big event (oops).

No matter what snacks are available I am pretty sure Oliver will have a great day at nursery in his owl costume and who knows maybe I will let him have a little treat, it is Halloween after all and next year I promise to make much more of an effort, I already have my Pinterest board up and running.

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