Introducing the good stuff

I don’t think Oliver’s first 6 months could pass quickly enough. He must have heard there was more to life than slightly tepid milk. At around five months he started looking longingly  as we forked in our foodie delights

Little did I know that the advice out there on baby weaning was never ending. Should I spoon feed, do ‘baby led’, one food at time, blah, blah, blah. People giving out a lot of this information must be mind readers to know exactly what a baby wants or prefers. At this stage I had no idea.

What I did know was that I really wanted to avoid refined sugar (I managed this until he was just over 1) and I really wanted to make things myself.  And so I entered the world of fruit and veg purees and mini muffins. Soon my freezer was full of puree filled ice cube trays and zip lock bags full of snacks.

The first book I used was kindly given to me by my Mum. Little Foodies is still my firm favourite. I liked it because it encourage the use of flavour instead of the usual bland offerings. Turned out Oliver loved a bit of carrot with nutmeg, or his personal favourite, butternut squash, coconut milk and coriander. Don’t get me wrong these concoctions led to a well earned mocking from family and friends.

As his appetite grew and his ability to shovel it in himself I started to introduce more solid food like mini muffins with carrot and broccoli along with a host of other pretentious finger food. I did, however feel like I was winning. My son was eating, healthy, homemade food, very unlike his mother.

Little did I know that by the time he was two and half he would still lean towards the toddler favourites of fish fingers and beans.  I swear if he could sell me for a portion of sausage and chips he would.

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