Let the Festivities Begin

Since Oliver was born we had made the decision that our Christmas celebrations would not start until after his birthday on 16th December. This year, however, that plan seems to have fallen by the wayside (we didn’t last too long did we?). They started singing Christmas carols at nursery weeks ago and last week their decorations went up, so it has been near impossible to avoid the festivities.

The most surprising thing is my husband has entered in to the Christmas spirit earlier (and more) than ever before. So much so that today we attended our first (and hopefully not last) Christmas fair, with Oliver even meeting the big man himself, Santa.

The venue of our first Christmas outing was Jupiter Artland, an amazing park/art venue near Edinburgh. We had visited in the summer and thought it would be a great place for Oliver to see Santa, with the added bonus of having plenty of space for him to run around.

As with any of our family outings, food is at the forefront of our plans and a fair, Christmas or otherwise, is always a good place for tasty treats. So after visiting the stalls and picking up a couple of bits and pieces it was time for food. First stop  was the hog roast concession and oh my was it the right choice, it was delicious.  A brioche bun filled with pork deliciousness, it was Oliver’s first experience of a hog roast roll and it’s safe to say he loved it. I hadn’t bought him his own one, but soon wished I had when he proceeded to devour half of mine.

Another wander around and visit to the elfie selfie cabin and Oliver was starting to fade, not good when there was another 45 minutes until he saw Santa. There was only one thing for it, get him a hot chocolate, that would perk him up. Unfortunately, the hot chocolate stall also sold pies, so it would have been rude not to check them out. I can confirm that the hot chocolate did the trick and the pies were very tasty.

Oliver’s Santa visit was fast approaching, but we had time for a quick walk round some of the outdoor exhibits. This turned out to be a big mistake, as Oliver face planted in the mud while running down a hill. I would have taken a picture, but it somehow seemed cruel. (I also forgot to take pics of the food, but that was down to gluttony.) A quick outfit change and wipe down and he was Santa ready.

This year he seemed a bit more apprehensive meeting Santa, but he soon made himself comfortable and informed Santa that what he would really like for Christmas was ‘presents’.

All in all is was a fantastic day (even with the rain), filled with fake snow, delicious food, muddy falls and a visit with Santa. I think we are all going to enjoy this festive season.

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