Neverending Appetite

For the last few weeks it has seemed an almost impossible task to fill Oliver up. He would eat all day, every day if I gave him the opportunity. It is great that he has such a healthy appetite, I feel it comes from the fact that if he isn’t eating he is moving. I wish I had half as much energy as him.

The dilemma I find with his huge appetite is what to feed him. I can cope with the basics of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but my issues arise when it comes to snack time.

I always have a cupboard full of toddler appropriate snacks, ranging from rice cakes (he still loves them) to little packets of raisins and the fruit bowl is always full (for brief moments anyway). I should mention at this point as well as eating a lot, he will also eat pretty much any snack going.

The problem I have is I never know how much of one snack is too much. It is easy when they come in a nice 1 serving bag, but things aren’t always that simple. Oliver would happily eat a full bag of rice cakes, (I know he shouldn’t, but you should try wrestling that bag away from him), he will even eat cold vegetable pouches if he’s hungry enough. He also loves nothing more than a bag of veggie sticks washed down with a nice cold glass of milk.

What Oliver loves more than any other snack is fruit (I know I shouldn’t moan about this). He would eat a limitless amount of fruit if allowed. We actually recently had to move the fruit bowl as he was just helping himself at all times. I know fruit is healthy, but something tells me that the quantity Oliver wants to consume is not. He recently went through a phase of eating around 3 apples a day, which doesn’t sound too bad until you take in to  consideration the other fruit he was eating.

I love that the supermarket Tesco offers free fruit to youngsters in store, but I’m pretty sure that Oliver’s 3 pieces a visit (please don’t ban me) wasn’t what they had in mind.

Don’t think that all his snacks are healthy, he loves a biscuit or piece of chocolate, I have just tried to steer him away from them. At the moment I am succeeding, but I’m sure it will get harder the older he gets.

Talking to other mum’s of boys I’m not sure this huge appetite is a phase, unless it is one that could last for the next 16 years. So I will continue to stock the cupboards and fill the fruit bowl and most importantly encourage him to keep on moving.

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