Pizza Night

Pizza is a firm favourite in our house (and I don’t mean the makeshift baguette kind), whether it is eating out, delivery, frozen or homemade, it is always a crowd pleaser.

If we are not treating ourselves to a pizza in Paesano or Padano, our 2 go to pizza places, the next best thing is making our own. There are 2 main reasons I love doing this:

  1. It allows us all to really get involved as family and is always lots of fun.
  2. It is amazing what Oliver will eat on a pizza that he wouldn’t dream of eating if I just put it in front of him.

I don’t go as far as making my own dough (I promise it is on my must do list), I just buy the pre-rolled stuff from whatever supermarket I happen to be in that day. My current favourite, if your interested, is Jus Rol, mainly because it comes with a jar of tomato sauce, probably something else I should be making myself.

Anyway, the prep for diy pizza night involves everyone getting their own baking tray lined with their own pizza base. I then fill bowls with a variety of ingredients so that we can all help ourselves. This always involves tomato sauce, cheese (grated and whole mozzarella) and pepperoni. We have also started branching out with mushrooms (Oliver’s suggestion, which definitely surprised me) and red peppers. As I said before it is amazing¬† the things he’ll eat on a pizza. He also loves chopping mushrooms himself. His own cutlery is perfect for cutting through soft mushrooms and I love getting him involved in the kitchen.

As much fun as it is making pizza as a family, I have also found this is a great thing to do when he has a friend round for dinner. Oliver and his friends have a great time building their own pizza and are surprisingly patient when they are in the oven (always a worry when cooking or baking with children).

I just love seeing Oliver in the kitchen learning new skills and discovering new tastes. It is something I plan on doing a lot more, so watch this space.

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