Sugar Rush

So, here we are coming to the end of the festive period and although I have had a great time, I can’t say I’m unhappy about it.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m pretty crazy when it comes to monitoring Oliver’s sugar intake, however this holiday season the rules have been well and truly thrown out the window.

It all started at nursery ‘movie’ day. The kids were all encouraged to wear their pyjamas and a fun day of films, hot chocolate and popcorn was planned. Sounded great, that was until pick up time when I was told that Haribo had been thrown in to the mix. Not something I would usually give him and as bedtime approached it became apperant why.

Gingerbread baking at Granny’s

And from that moment on the sugar rush began, with me being as guilty as everyone else for forgetting my usually strict sugar rules. The variety of new treats was endless, from gingerbread man making with Granny and mince pie making with me, to the sugar filled cake I made him for his birthday on the 16th. (This year I attempted an aeroplane, not my best work, but it didn’t seem to bother Oliver as he ripped off a wing and shoved it in his mouth.)

Stuffing in the cake

To be fair it started way before the proper festivities kicked in. Last year I bought a lovely wooden advent calendar and filled it with a mixture of chocolate and finger puppets, he loved it. This year however I filled his calendar with 24 chocolate treats that were usually consumed before breakfast.

Overall Oliver is a pretty well behave kid, but throw sugar in to the mix and there is definitely a change in behaviour, usually culminating in a sugar comedown meltdown, always a joy.

It seems that there are certain times of year that we have been programmed to feed our children ridiculous amounts of sweets and chocolate, most notably Christmas, Easter and Halloween. No matter how hard you try it just can’t be avoided. It was the same when I was a child, although we should probably know better now, but I’m sure the tradition will continue.

I can’t really judge on the food front, for the last 2 weeks I feel I have done nothing but eat and drink, I actually think I am in danger of turning in to a cheese cracker.

Christmas Eve hot chocolate

So as much fun as we have all had with family and friends I am looking forward to (can’t believe I’m going to say this) some healthy eating and some semblance of routine.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2019

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