Sunday Lunch with Style

With the blog focussing on Oliver’s food journey, I thought it was about time we tried something a bit different. I’m not talking about trying a different type of food, we decided to try a different dining experience. We thought we would try going for Sunday lunch somewhere that people may not initially see as being child friendly.

My husband and I have been to The Spanish Butcher a few times and never been disappointed. However, we have only ever been for dinner and I have definitely never left sober. In fact, one of the reasons we like it (even though we are parents ourselves) is that there are never any kids there. Now I know this may seem controversial, but if I am on a rare date night I don’t really relish the idea of sharing the dining room with toddlers, when mine is tucked up in bed at home. I appreciate some people may disagree with me, but if  I have made a reservation in a restaurant after 7:30pm I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect a child free zone.

So we booked our table at The Spanish Butcher weeks in advance for Sunday lunch today. We had been really looking forward to it, so when Oliver woke up ridiculously early this morning we had an idea it may not go to plan. By the time we were ready to go out Oliver had reached a whole new level of unreasonable, we even considered not going, but decided to soldier on. I secretly hoped he might fall asleep in the car  and we would end up having an adult lunch after all.

Oliver did fall asleep in the car and slept for a grand total of 10 minutes. He woke up the minute we walked in to the restaurant and was totally full of beans. As soon as we were shown to our table and introduced to our waitress, Ana, all my worries about bringing Oliver with us disappeared. She was brilliant, really interacting with him and even when he had a little ‘accident’ she was totally unfazed. I feel it is often the people that work in restaurants that can make or break an experience and she definitely made ours.

There is no kids menu on the website, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was not disappointed. Turns out they have an excellent kids menu, Oliver had the fish and chips, 3 chunky bits of really tasty bread crumbed fish, with just the right amount of chips (too often the quantity of chips he gets is huge). He loved it, he did not however love the fresh bread dipped in olive oil, lol. His lunch came first, which I love, although this meant I had to share my beef and manchego, truffle chips (possibly the most delicious thing I have ever tasted) with him.

Overall we had a brilliant experience, helped by the amazing staff and food. It was pretty quiet at lunchtime, so I would definitely recommend it for families at this time of day. It’s not something we plan on doing again any time soon, but it is good to know it is an option for something special.

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