Teatime Tantrums and Tiredness

If you follow my blogs you may have been misled in to thinking that Oliver is a delight at meal times. Well, unfortunately this is not the truth. Don’t get me wrong, for a 2-year-old he does pretty well, but when things go wrong, they go wrong in style.

From the very beginning of Oliver’s food journey the worst experiences stemmed from two things:

  1. Over tiredness
  2. Over hungry

I remember my husband and I pacing the floor, worrying and wondering what was wrong with him when he was only a matter of weeks or months old. In these situations nearly every time it was because he was hungry, even if it seemed like he had just been fed. I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that children under 2 will only eat until they are full, so I was never too worried about him over eating. (This fact may not be true, but it made me feel better as I gave him his 3rd bottle in as many hours.)

As Oliver progressed to solids, the demand for food continued, but now tiredness was thrown in to the mix. When he was bottle feeding being awake wasn’t always a necessity, however for solid food it definitely was. Many a night he wiped food in to his eyes as he shovelled his dinner in to his mouth while fighting sleep. There were even occasions when he just passed out in his dinner.

These experiences now seem positively stress free compared to the tea time tantrums that Oliver now throws. These mainly occur when he is tired, as this somehow makes him the most indecisive, unreasonable version of himself.

On Friday night, at Oliver’s request, I made him cheesy pasta (not the most creative meal I will admit). When I put it on the table on front of him he went in to a full-blown meltdown, becoming increasingly hysterical with every breath. I knew it was down to tiredness (he hadn’t napped after swimming), but knowing the reason didn’t make it any easier to deal with. He must have changed his mind (at least it felt like it) 200 times on whether he did or did not want to eat his dinner and continued to cry hysterically during the whole event.  In between each mind change he went to bed, the struggle he was having between hunger and tiredness was simply overwhelming. In the end hunger won out and he finished his dinner and it wasn’t too long after he was tucked up in bed.

I’m sure as Oliver gets older he’ll get better at dealing with these situations, but then again maybe not. There are after all times when I could cry with hunger.

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