Upping the Steaks

When Oliver was 11 months old we decided to take our first holiday abroad. A final hoorah before I returned to work and a final opportunity to holiday out of term time (I’m a teacher).

We (my husband) decided on Tenerife for a bit of winter sun. James Villas provided a one stop shop of accommodation, flight and car. We just felt this was the easiest option.

As soon as it was booked my maternal madness kicked in. What would Oliver eat, drink? How would I fit a weeks worth of nappies, wipes, snacks in to my suitcase. In my head no one in Tenerife had ever had a baby.

I mentioned these irrational thoughts at one of my mummy groups and was given one of the best bits of advice I have received to date. I was told to order all my formula, snacks etc at Boots online and pick it up after security. Doing this means it doesn’t count towards your weight allowance, genius.  Oliver wasn’t taking that much formula at this point, so we ordered the little pre made bottles. I have to say they didn’t seem quite so little when we had to fit 26 of them in to our hand luggage.

Turned out to be a fab holiday. Oliver hardly touched the snacks or pre made meals we had traipsed from the UK, he ate pretty much what we did. He had a particular love of fresh crispy bread and I was amazed at his ability to devour it with the limited teeth he had at the time.

Oliver’s growing love of food was highlighted on our last night. We booked in to a lovely restaurant. My husband and I ordered steak, Oliver was offered an omelette with cheese and veg, perfect.  The waitress brought the omelette first (I love it when they do this). We expected him to wolf it down in his normal fashion, but nope, he didn’t touch it. It soon became apparent why. When our steaks arrived he proceeded to get stuck in to our steaks and veg accompaniments. And then he decided to try out his omelette.

We had an amazing trip and it definitely put my travelling with a child fears behind me. Well maybe not behind me, but not quite as far in front.

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